Crosses Through Her Life


Rough childhood crossing to tough teen,

Tough teen crossing to independent young woman,

Angst crossing to forgiveness,

Girl crossing to woman,

Late night studies crossing to graduation,

Poverty crossing to professional,

Struggle crossing to support,

Follower crossing to leader,

Health crossing to illness,

Homebody crossing to traveler,

Native crossing to immigrant,

Illness crossing to realization,

Professional crossing to entrepreneur,

Leader crossing to inspirer,

Do you know her?  She is you. She is crossing new paths every day. Whatever choice she makes, to live her life is the most important choice of all.


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Enthusiasm for Life!


Zest for life today as tomorrow is not a guarantee. 

What is that one thing you have to do in your life that you keep putting off for whatever reason? 

Make it happen! 

Focus on it and figure out your own path.   

Make it personal because it is.