San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi Mountains USMexpats
Montanas de San Luis Potosi Mountains

During our latest road adventure, we decided to stop and stay at a local hostel in San Luis Potosi.  Enrique looked online for pet friendly places, while I asked around in my Mexico Facebook groups before we left for our trip.  I received some interesting replies!  Finally, he came across the hostel on Trip Advisor.  They had good reviews along with a reasonable price.  Bonus, they accept pets too!!  So, we booked with them online. 

We stayed in the matrimony suite on our way down to Morelia, Michoacan.  It was very spacious!  We loved it so much that we returned during later travels between San Antonio, TX and Morelia with our four legged little guys.  Our past U.S. to Mexico and return excursions were non-stop marathons.  This is an exhausting way to travel!  Rest stops are so much better than driving at night, tired and making wrong turns…I will write about that in another blog 🙂

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When we arrived at the hostel, we were met by their resident dog.  She was very friendly, but our dog, Charlie was a bit shy.  So the hostel owner graciously had her wait in another room while we took him to our room.  The entrance along with much of the hostel was decorated in bright vibrant colors. Furniture was made from re-purposed items. This included the brightly painted tires converted into seating areas using cushions and blankets. The front end of a vintage Volkswagen van with an Illinois plate was a treat for me!  Then, I saw the nopal (cactus) guy.  I have never looked at cactus paddles the same way again!

We, then brought our cats, Oscar and Iquito into our room.  We set up their litter box, food, and water dishes in the bathroom.  While they were eating, we opened the window to bring in fresh air and cool the room with natural a/c.  Then, we let them explore the room.  Iquito was actually more calm this time – even if he just spent most of the time under the bed.  He can be fussy if he doesn’t like a place – by fussy I mean roaring all night long so no one gets any sleep!  When this happens, Charlie grumpily groans and moans the next day.  Oscar was as usual the great explorer of the room ready to lead the expedition!

AHHHH Yes!  The matrimony room came with a private bathroom too!!  The bathroom had a rustic charm with modern amenities.  The shower had consistent hot water!  Always a plus when freshening up.  The toilet had a separate stall too. (check out the slide show above.)

San Luis Potosi Plaza del Milenio man statue estatura hombre USMexpats
Millenium Plaza statue
San Luis Potosi Plaza del Milenio lady Statue USMexpats
Millenium Plaza statues

Plaza del Milenio Millenium Plaza sculpture San Luis Potosi USMexpats


Estatua de San Luis Rey de Francia en la Plaza de Fundadores de San Luis Potosi King San Luis of France statue in the Founders Plaza USMexpats
King San Luis of France statue at the Founders Plaza

We took Charlie out with us on our walks.  We came across different plazas with statues, fountains, and ornate benches.

San Luis Potosi palm trees Enrique Charlie USMexpats

San Luis Potosi Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey King San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral plaza park benches USMexpats
King San Luis Metropolitan Plaza benches
Jardin de San Francisco Garden Plaza de Aranzazu center Museo Regional Museum San Luis Potosi USMexpats
San Francisco Garden Fountain

There were plenty of wide safe sidewalks.  Then, downtown and throughout the plazas there are plenty of brightly lit streets with lots of people and shops.  We enjoyed ice cream after a long walk in the warm evening.

The colonial style architecture took me to another time!

San Luis Potosi Plaza del Milenio building edificio USMexpats

Charlie, of course, enjoyed this visit opportunity!  He was all smiles as we walked to the central plaza.

There was a lot to see in central San Luis Potosi. We discovered an outdoor gazebo from which musical sounds were back dropped by a cathedral.

San Luis Potosi plaza de Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey King San Luis Metro Cathedral classical orchestra concert USMexpatsSan Luis Potosi plaza de Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey classical concert 3 USMexpatsSan Luis Potosi plaza de Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey King San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral gazebo classical orchestra concert USMexpats

Then, the churches… inside and out they have so much detail.

San Luis Potosi Museo Regional de San Francisco Regional Museum entry USMexpats (2)San Luis Potosi catedral church USMexpatsSan Luis Potosi brick church USMexpats

San Luis Potosi Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey King San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral interior wide angle USMexpats
San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral
San Luis Potosi Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey King San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral interior ceiling view USMexpats
San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral
San Luis Potosi Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey King San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral ceiling art USMexpats
Detailed ceiling
San Luis Potosi Catedral Metropolitana de San Luis Rey King San Luis Metropolitan Cathedral estature de King San Luis Statue USMexpats
King San Luis of France

During one of our walks, we came across an outdoor theater production. The play was acted out in the plaza. Then, the actors along with the crowd continued along the sidewalk to another plaza area still immersed in their roles. We continued walking and found yet another event with traditional dancers.

Here is the link to the traditional dancers video.


NIU STEMFest 2017

Hi Everyone!  I went to the NIU STEMfest 2017 at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL.  It was a beautiful warm autumn day at 77 degrees in October.  A great day to get out and about!!

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Yes, I even took a photo of where I parked as I get lost easily and can be aimlessly wandering parking areas.  Of course, I could have pinned it too.  But, I was feeling shutter bug happy!

Parking Spot

As I entered the main area, a couple of friendly volunteers greeted me while providing me with a map.  Which I really need to get around anywhere, lol.  After viewing the map for a bit and looking around for some signs I didn’t see, although I am sure they were there, I decided to just slightly wing it.  So, with map in hand as if I knew what I was doing, I went along from booth to booth.

Dinosaur Foot

One of the first displays, The Geology and Environmental Geosciences, caught my eyes as there they had a massive dinosaur looking footprint.  They, also, had varied fossil and quartz rocks.  I love geology as this area of science works with gorgeous gems.  How can a gal pass up checking out quartz and dinosaur fossils?  On a serious note, it is truly amazing how long it takes Earth to form the gemstones along with the strength of gemstones.

Geology and Environmental Geosciences

Next, one of the first signs to catch my attention was an earthquake monitor system due to my thoughts on the recent Mexico City earthquake.  However, I was informed that the display I was viewing near this sign was not actually the earthquake detector, but rather a device that tracks underwater activity.  In particular, scientists are interested in the temperature of water near Antarctica along with the stability and life of the area.  I responded that it could possibly relate to earthquakes as many earthquakes form and happen underwater as well (just a thought).  To learn more visit the link below.

Underwater research Wissard

Next, I stopped by to check out the rocket booth of a former colleague, Bob.  Bob is passionate about rockets and NASA.  Since, I had the pleasure of visiting NASA in Houston and being up close to the Saturn S and trying on a spacesuit through a reflection, I couldn’t pass up reconnecting with the rocket man!

Rocket NASA crowd

He showed the crowd how rockets can be made – even using everyday household items and take out food containers.  A great way to recycle!

Halloween candy dish rocket


Check out a clever way to turn an old Halloween candy dish into a rocket!!

Pfft, no need to store that bowl until next year’s holiday…



Martian Rockets



Or, an average shampoo bottle to make a Martian!

Red Rocket Northwestern


His true pride and joy though is the red rocket he and his daughter made together.  It is now signed by varied NASA folks. How cool is that?!

Do you love looking at the stars?  Do you wonder about space?  Check out @NASAspinoff!!

Also, do you love space and you are looking for a fun weekend out?  Then, checkout the NASA / JPL Solar System Ambassador program.  The web address is below at the end of this show!



Argonne Nanospheres USMexpats.wordpress.comThe Argonne table had some neat hologram post cards with nanospheres and a human protein crystal.  The card states that the nanospheres study may help us one day learn how to better store nuclear waste.  This is good for many places including Illinois as there are several operating nuclear plants that provide power for the area.

Argonne human protein

The human protein crystal displayed on another card is one that causes cystic fibrosis.  The study of this protein can one day help doctors ease the pain and suffering that patients experience with this disease.  If you study science, you too can be an everyday super hero!  Also, Argonne has free workshops called CodeGirls Camp and High School Coding Camp where girls and young women can learn to code. Visit the link below to learn more!

AR Sandbox USMexpats.wordpress.comA really fun display was the AR Sandbox – no, this does not stand for accounts receivable or Arkansas.  The AR of the AR sandbox stands for augmented reality.  Yes, I put my hands in the sandbox!  While I enjoyed a nice exfoliation, the young woman working the display explained that I was learning about elevation changes and water systems.  As I moved the sand to create low elevation areas, I brought up my hand as though sprinkling water to make rain that filled the low laying areas with water.  This would be a really cool tool for a classroom I bet!  Or, fun at home as well.

Geometric boxes with geography USMexpats.wordpress.comAnother fun interactive I encountered appeared to be teaching about shapes (and projectile speeds).  It definitely could have been used as a geography lesson if the boxes were stacked up differently as well.  It was great to see Texas, Mexico, and Canada included at the fest!  Can you find them in the photo?  Can you tell us where they should be located in relation to each other?  Feel free to leave your comments!

STEAM City poster

STEAM City with blog info








Next up was NIU STEAM City. #NIUSTEAMCITY  I really loved that STEM included the Arts!  Art is an important part of science.  Thanks to many artists, students from K-12 to colleges and universities can visualize concepts by seeing them in textbook illustrations or classroom models.  In fact, do you remember the posters you saw in your classes?  Or, the posters and brochures at your last doctor or dentist visit?  That was art in action for science.

Biology Petri dish nose

One of the final booths I visited and my personal favorite was the Biological Sciences booth.  Who remembers the round dishes that we placed our cotton swab samples during high school biology class?  Remember swiping a cotton swab across the water fountain, bottom of our shoes, and in our mouths to later see the resulting bacteria?  Well, this booth had those fun petri dishes.

Biology petri dish cell phone

One in particular was a useful example for our everyday life – the results of a swab swipe from a cell phone!  Think of this next time you go out to eat at a restaurant or sit down for dinner at home with your family.  Were you just on your cell phone?  Did you just write a text while eating your favorite hamburger or taco?  You were on your phone and didn’t wash your hands?  You may want to reconsider this next time!


Lastly, I stopped by a booth on my way out of the fest.  I had the pleasure of meeting author, Gillian King-Cargile.  She writes the exciting storybook series called The Toy And… in the STEM subjects.  She featured her book titled The Toy and the Tide Pool that teaches children about sea creatures such as crabs and starfish.  She places real science facts into her books in a creative and interactive way.  The book club offers children reading material in all of the STEAM subject areas.  Some topics that are included are biology, neurology, blindness and adaptive technology, geology, computer science, military science, and cancer research.  If you enjoy reading with your children, check out  Oh and looking to stretch the budget?  The virtual book club is free!

As promised earlier, here are all the links to learn more!

The main event venue is always looking for volunteers and to get you excited for next year.  Yes, it goes quicker than you think!!

Geology can yield the crystal ball…

Underwater excursions and research.

NASA, rockets, and ambassadors  – sounds like a fun time!

CodeGirls Camp, college research, and education at Argonne.

I know that sandbox was so much fun!  Do you want to make one at home?  Visit

STEAM City seems like a good metro place to be, so check out their blog at:

Biology is the study of life.  Life is all around us.  To learn more, visit

Bedtime stories are the best!  Visit here and get some more stories!!

If you would like to check out The Toy and book series, visit




Patzcuaro is a town located near Morelia.  Many city folks from Morelia enjoy going to Patzcuaro on the weekends to relax with family.  We are no exception.  As with many towns in Mexico, it has a centro (central) plaza downtown.  Patzcuaro’s plaza is home to children who dress up as old people complete with the masks to truly appear older. They dance the Danza de los Viejitos or the Dance of the Elders.  We took in the sounds of their clackety clack shoes, the bright colors of their clothing, and their festive palma hats to realize they are dancing in celebration of those who reach a mature and hopefully wise age.

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Across from the plaza, the nieve or ice cream is a locally known sweet treat for the weekend.  Nieve can be found in many flavors such as nuez (walnut), rompope (alcohol drink similar to eggnog – but this is frozen!!), chocolate, fresa (strawberry), canela (cinnamon), and many more.  The best part of this ice cream is that all ingredients are fresh.  They are served with child size spoons that make anyone feel like a child again!

Patzcuaro is, also, known for their tiny fried fish, charales, that are caught from the Lake of Janitzio.  One time we ate at a local restaurant right off the water.  While eating the small fried fish with fresh squeezed lime on freshly made tortillas topped with homemade salsa, we experienced more of the Danza de los Viejitos.  There is nothing like fresh made tortillas!

Another delicious dish and one of my favorites is the corunda.  The corundas in Patzcuaro are more generous in size than in the city.  The city corundas are the size of a small fist.  These in Patzcuaro are at least three times bigger, so maybe start with one first…  Corundas are made with a corn masa similar to tamales, but are shaped like pyramids filled with your choice of chicken, pork, or cheese with salsa.


As mentioned before with the fish dish, Patzcuaro is near a beautiful lago or ‘lake’ with an island called Janitzio.  A ferry takes you from the town of Patzcuaro to the island of Janitzio.

When stepping off the boat onto the dock, I could feel the water all around me.  It felt like a private island.  I saw the local island folks wearing their huaraches (leather sandals).  The day we went it was raining and the ground was slick.  However, we proceeded to climb the mountainside despite the drizzle.  I suggest you check the forecast ahead of going as it can be slippery when the rocky stairs are wet.  This way you have a good pair of foot wear.  Luckily, I had my huaraches on as I carefully made my way up the mountainside.  As we climbed the spiral staircase on the mountain, there were many family run stores and restaurants along the way.

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Once at the top of the mountain, we were at the base of the Morelos statue.  So, of course, we climbed up more stairs to get to the very top.  The view was absolutely worth it!  Also, we worked off all the calories we ate in town between the corundas, charales, and nieve!!

We climbed down from the statue plaza and enjoyed elote in a cup.  Elote is boiled corn on the cob served (off the cob) with water, cream, cheese, and hot sauce.  Yum. Yum!!

As we climbed back down the mountainside, we discovered a tree growing out of the mountain that had homes, storefronts, and restaurants built around to make it part of the architecture.  I love that in many parts of Michoacán, folks choose to keep nature in their building plans.  Can you picture yourself on the balcony?  I can!

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We returned to the dock to board the ferry to the mainland Patzcuaro.  A local band joined us on the ferry to our delight!  We enjoyed a relaxing boat ride with live music.  When you visit Morelia, check out Patzcuaro!!


What To Do Houston? Go!! 10+ Places

Many may know Houston as an oil and gas industrial place.  However, Houston is, also, a port city that has two large medical centers.  So, plenty of work, right?!  What is there to do for fun?  Whether you are there for a business conference, a weekend visit, or a full relocation to live and work, there are plenty of places to go without spending too much of that hard earned money!  There is so much to do that I will include more places in upcoming blogs!  But, I will work my way from the city center of downtown to out and about an hour or so drive.  The drive is so worth it!! (Also, I posted the links to each place at the end of the blog to make it easier to find out more about them.)

  1. Chase Building!  Where? Downtown.  Cost? Free. Yes, free!! 

The view of Houston’s downtown from above is great!  You get to see the penthouse pool of a building nearby.  You can see the aquarium with all the amusement rides.  A miniature replica of the outdoor sculpture seen in the front plaza sits in the center of the lobby along with a story about it.

2.  Downtown Aquarium! Where? Downtown.  Cost? $8.99 (children) $11.99 (adults)

A great way to spend a date night.  Or, take the whole family.  Visit sea life up close and learn more about the native wildlife near Houston such as from the bayous and gulf coast ocean.  For only $5 more you can touch and feed the sting rays.  My husband and I fed the sting rays.  It was a fun experience.

Are you done with the indoors?  Go outside and play!  The aquarium has several amusement rides including a large Ferris wheel.  It gives a grand view of downtown Houston.  Also, get a bird’s eye view of the highways without the worries of driving them!  It gives a new perspective of them too.

Aquarium Chase Tower View
Aquarium viewed from the Chase Texas Commerce Center


Patty aquarium city outdoors
Aquarium view of Houston


3.  Downtown Underground Tunnels! Where? Downtown. Cost? Free.

Alright, enough of the above ground fun.  Let’s take y’all underground.  Yes, you read that right.  Houston’s best kept secret is underneath the downtown area.  Bring out your inner adventure explorer while keeping cool in the Texas heat!  Sure beats a gym membership.  There are restaurants, shopping, and connections to downtown sights such as the Chase building.

My brother and I discovered this when he came to visit us in Houston. We went downtown and soon became confused that we didn’t see anyone in a major U.S. metro city on a weekday!  I know the heat can be a bit much, but…  Finally, we saw a few folks.  My brother asked a young woman where everyone went as the downtown seemed empty for a weekday.  She replied simply for us to follow her.  As we arrived to a building entrance, she explained that everyone was down below and we needed to take the stairs.  Down below?  We followed her lead down an escalator.  Boom!  There was such a hustle and bustle.  Folks everywhere!  The aroma of food.  The sounds of conversations.  Oh and it was nice and cool too.

4. Hermann Park Where? Just South of Downtown near Rice University and the zoo. Cost? Free.

This one my husband and I discovered when looking for another new place to walk our dog.  This park is very dog friendly!  It is a large park with joggers, sports teams, and outdoor theatre and music performances.  One night we sat outside with our dog Charlie to enjoy live music.  Another night we watched a dress rehearsal for a theatre production.  Also, ever been to cities where you can not find a public restroom anywhere?  Not a problem here.  Plenty of clean public restrooms.  It can be the small things in life that make or break a place.

Hermann Park

Hermann Park birds
Houstonian birds


5. Galleria Shopping.  Where? Downtown.  Cost? Depends if you are buying or window shopping.  Parking is free.

The Galleria is one of the downtown spots that are accessible through the underground tunnels.  But, if you are out and about and decide to drive there, the parking is free as well.  Parking is underground so you can avoid coming back to an oven heated car!  You can spend the day visiting an art gallery or trying out a luxury car.  My brother and I went into an art gallery to learn more about the artists behind each piece.  Then, we went into a store where they had an actual floor model of a Tesla.  It was nice to try a car without the pressure of a dealership or crowd of a car show.

6. Buffalo Bayou Park. Where?  15-20 minutes East of Downtown. Cost? Free.

Buffalo Bayou Park is another great place to walk the dog, walk with friends, play sports with family, and just enjoy the tranquility of the bayou.  Also, the night view of downtown is a local’s treasure.  Our view was located in the Greater East End of Houston.  Yes, that is the name of the neighborhood!

Downtown view from Buffalo Bayou
Downtown Houston night view from Greater East End Buffalo Bayou


7. NASA Space Center Where? 30-35 minutes Southeast of Downtown. Cost? $29.95

Do you want an out of this world experience?  Go check out the NASA Space Center located just Southeast of Houston in Webster!  You get to sit in the control center.  Yeah the one y’all see in the movies.  Then, you see the Saturn V up close.  This space craft will make you feel petite.

NASA seating
How astronauts sit. Get a first hand view at NASA Houston!


Nasa Patty spacesuit
Be an astronaut for a moment!


8. San Jacinto Monument.  Where?  30-35 minutes East of Downtown Houston.  Cost? Free.

Do you admire large battleships?  Do you crave seeing one in person?  Do you like learning more about history?  Do you like relaxing outdoors?  This is the place for you!  The San Jacinto Battleship is docked as though still ready to go back out to the sea.  Across the road stands the San Jacinto Monument where you can read more about the battle.  Also, there is a vast dog friendly park area.  Yes, we take our dog to as many places as possible!  He gets much needed exercise while we get our much needed adventures.

San Jacinto Battleship

9. Galveston Beach. Where? About 1 hour Southeast of Downtown Houston. Cost? Free. Free entry! Free parking!

Enjoy the warm gulf water at Galveston Beach.  There is a pier with amusement rides along with good eats along the main street that runs along the beach.  Also, it is a great place for a house sightseeing drive.  Then, you can park right on the sand!  Free.  Take your children and dogs to play by the beach.  Galveston Beach is a great place to see natural sea animals from starfish to sting rays.  We even watched as a guy put a lost string ray back in the water.  Charlie loved running along the beach with my husband!  Even the seagulls enjoy the free parking!!

Galveston Charlie and Enrique run

10. Galveston Ferry. Where? Northeast of the beach. Cost? Free. Dog friendly.

Oh yeah, done with the beach for the day?  Catch the sunset on the water!  Galveston has a free ferry that you can drive onto and be taken to the next port to go home.

Galveston Ferry

11. Kemah Beach.  Where? Cost? Free. Dog friendly.

The Houston area boasts of another beach area – Kemah.  Do you enjoy sailboats? Look no further!  Kemah has beautiful sailing water.  Visit Kemah center to see the vintage police car too.  Fun for the kids!  While there, grab some fresh delicious seafood.

Links to learn more!

Chase Building formerly Texas Commerce Center –

Houston Aquarium –

Downtown Underground Tunnel Walkway –

Hermann Park –

Galleria –

Buffalo Bayou –

San Jacinto –


Galveston Beach –

Galveston Ferry –

Kemah –

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Crosses Through Her Life


Rough childhood crossing to tough teen,

Tough teen crossing to independent young woman,

Angst crossing to forgiveness,

Girl crossing to woman,

Late night studies crossing to graduation,

Poverty crossing to professional,

Struggle crossing to support,

Follower crossing to leader,

Health crossing to illness,

Homebody crossing to traveler,

Native crossing to immigrant,

Illness crossing to realization,

Professional crossing to entrepreneur,

Leader crossing to inspirer,

Do you know her?  She is you. She is crossing new paths every day. Whatever choice she makes, to live her life is the most important choice of all.


<a href=””>Crossing</a&gt;





Enthusiasm for Life!


Zest for life today as tomorrow is not a guarantee. 

What is that one thing you have to do in your life that you keep putting off for whatever reason? 

Make it happen! 

Focus on it and figure out your own path.   

Make it personal because it is.


Texisms for New Texans

What to Know When Moving to Texas

  • Those are not access or frontage roads along the highways. They are called feeder roads. They don’t all follow along the entire highway either…so if you are trying to avoid the highways, better learn no such thing as shortcuts. You will be going the long way.

Houston Highway- many-lanes-Traffic
Check out all the traffic!


  • BTW, do you feel like you are going in circles when driving?  That is because you ARE going in circles!  The city highways are a series of circles called loops.  So, you will hear references such as Loop 1604, Loop 410, and Loop 610.

Feeling dizzy yet?


  • Highways – they are so big! The largest one called Katy Freeway or Beltway 8 in Houston has 26 lanes!!   26!!!  Do not attempt the Katy Freeway during rush hour!

    As if that is not enough, they have towering overpasses with highways everywhere. So, if you get a bit confused about where you are going and what lane you should be in. You are not alone! 2 or more in the car? Take the HOV lane. It is a breeze!

Texas Houston Freeway-Large
Katy Freeway in Houston – cruising through the HOV lane


  • Houston – football. If you see a bunch of banners that have bulls with a star for an eye, you know you are in Houston Texans territory. You will see them everywhere. Utility poles, bumper stickers, license plates, laundry, grocery store, jerseys, hats, and even the dog’s collar!  If you see this, you are likely in Houston.

Oh yeah Texans – clever, never miss an opportunity to place a star!


  • Speed bumps? No ma’am, those are speed humps. They are everywhere. They are massive! When you drive here you will understand why we all are doing the bobble head.

  • Oh yeah I did say ‘no ma’am’. You will not hear ‘yes, miss or no, miss’. You may feel a bit older when you arrive here.

  • Houston – we have NASA! It is awesome!! But, it really is located in the suburb of Webster, TX.

  • Houston – downtown in the summer – where is everybody?  Did the heat scare them off?!  No, they are likely wandering underground in the tunnels under the city. It is like a second city with shopping, restaurants, and walkways to explore!!  The Galleria has underground parking as well.

Houston underground
Houston’s down under town


  • Southeast Texas from Houston to San Antonio – free air shows nearly every day – between all of the Air Force bases and the large international airports.  Even the local wildlife is ready to be air borne!

Texas Force
New design?


  • Oh yeah, Texas is broken down into regions. One region is Southeast Texas that includes Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and the gulf beach cities.  Each city is unique.

  • Heat – Texas has all different kinds of heat for ya! It is not uncommon to hit triple digits in the summertime.  Houston – is hot and humid – very sticky sweaty heat. Kind of like stepping out of a hot steamy shower and into an oven.  Never tried that? Well, lucky you!  San Antonio – is a dry heat with some breezes that feel cool. Shade and A/C will become your new best friends!  Lucky for us San Antonio has plenty of large shade trees.

    This is a low temp day in the summer!
  • Cold – Days and Nights in ‘winter’.  Yes, you will feel that 20 degree drop in the temperature soon after the suns sets for the evening. Yes, you will have a blanket. Yes, your Midwest friends back home will be like What?!

  • Winter – I still laugh at that coming from Chicago!!  Winter?  No, no snow except a dusting in Dallas.

  • Southeast Texas has another season – rain season!  The thunderstorms are terrifying with tremendous lightening displays.  When first arriving to Houston, it may a good idea to trade in your car for a boat.  Be sure to get a real pair of rain boots and a raincoat along with that oversize umbrella.  “Texas is like a desert” they all told me back home. Ha ha, no.

Houston's Village
Thunderstorm! Trapped at Trader’s Village!!


  • So, during rain season take one of the many bayous (pictured below) rather than the highways.  Sure beats being stuck in traffic!
Houston bayou


  • Oh yeah! When it is raining in Houston, do NOT drive. Just don’t. Find an indoor project to occupy your time. Or, you can take the bayou.

Can’t see anything! Shoulda taken the bayou…


  • No, not everything is bigger in Texas. That is just fine in some cases. Such as with the fire ants and wasps.

  • Ants – they are red hot and pack a nasty bite! Oh look an ant walking over my toes so tiny!  No, do not be fooled by their size. Get it off ASAP!!

  • Wasps – they are also red hot and come with a nasty sting. You will likely swell up. No, not with pride, but with plenty of pain.

Wasp up close – through the window


  • Yet, some things are bigger in Texas like fleas – they are ginormous. So be sure to stock up your pets and home with pest control.  I will spare you the photo, but you will see them.


  • You will see owls on many businesses and homes. No, they are not real. Folks put them up to scare off the noisy, messy grackle birds. There are plenty of sounds of nature such as the grackles. They hang out at the HEB stores. You cannot miss them. They are loud and carry on full conversations all day and all night. They watch your every move with a deep soul stare.  You have to see them for yourself…

  • Oh yeah, H E B is a large grocery store chain in Texas based in San Antonio.

Texas Antonio-HEB-Grocery Shopping.JPG
HEB in the distance yet always near by


  • Buc-ees – what is it with all these beaver bumper stickers?  Have to admit it is adorable though.  You will not see a gas station bigger than these gas stations!

Traveling to Mexico with Pets in the Car

     Ah, traveling by car is an adventure of it’s own. It is really great as we get to see so much that is otherwise missed by air. However, traveling with pets brings in another dynamic to the trip. It can be a challenge. We have to prepare before each trip. However, we have learned more each time. The tips written here have developed over time through mishaps and aha moments during our adventures. We travel with our cats and dog. Oscar and Iquito have been together since they were kittens. Charlie came on board as a pup four years ago. We decided that where we go they will too.

pet travel-mexico- Charlie travels in on the road
Charlie loves his pillows!


Preparing for the trip – write a list!!

It is easy to forget something and be halfway to a destination to realize, ‘Oh no! We left that on the table or hanging up on the door hook!!’

Cats & Dogs

  • Vaccinations & Vet Documents – We make sure that each of our pets are up to date on their vaccinations before our trip. We, also, get health certificates for them from our family veterinarian. This helps ensure that we have no issues when entering through the border into Mexico and on our return trip to the states. We carry their veterinary records folder that has their medical history and photos/description. This is just in case they need veterinary care in Mexico during our stay.  It is helpful during an emergency to simply pull out the dates of prior visits and medical conditions.

  • Medicine – We bring calamine lotion and allergy tablets (recommended by our veterinarian) in case of insect bites or stings.

  • Food – We bring enough food for the stateside part of our trip in a sealed plastic container. This keeps out pests. The food we expect to need during our stay in Mexico remains in the original sealed package from the manufacturer. Basically, we load it into the car as it was from the store.

  • Water – We bring a good amount of filtered water in containers. Just as we need water so do our pets.

  • Litter & Supplies – We take litter to use at our destination, litter scoop, travel size litter pan, and pet pee pads. (More about the absorbent pads below in the During the Trip section.)

  • Travel Safety & Comfort – We bring;

    • Carrier for the cats – We have more than one cat and our little guys get along well. We have a carrier large enough for them to travel together. This helps them to stay more calm. We simply use a carrier that we originally bought for our dog, Charlie, when he was a puppy. He grew up to be a bit larger than we expected, so we kept it for the cats. Enrique modified it a bit. He cut a piece of plywood to about half of the length of the carrier and placed it between the top and bottom halves of the carrier. Then, we added a pillow and blanket.  This gives both senior felines plenty of space and comfort on the second level while also providing space for a small litter box on the first level. (During our first drive to Mexico, we found one of the cats sleeping in the litter box. Not good for him and he smelled like pee. Hence our carrier modification.)

    • Portable carrier for the cats – We have two soft portable carriers for the cats.

    • Blankets – We do not use clean blankets rather we opt for 1-2 day old blankets that have the scent of home. Charlie even gets pillows for extra comfort. They, also, minimize the vibrations he feels from the road and helps him to relax more.

    • Toys – Again we do this so they have the scent of home. Also, they have their favorite toys to play with when we arrive to our destination.

    • Harness for the dog that works with seat belts – This is important for sudden stops or when driving over a hidden tope (Mexican speed bump) in the middle of a highway.

    • Leash – One of the essentials. This is good to have handy for potty stops along the way.

  • Household Cleaners – baking soda, vinegar/water mixture in a spray bottle and/or Lysol disinfectant spray, our favorite air freshener Febreeze, and paper towels.

    Leaving for the trip – Today is the Day!!!

  • We give everyone a light breakfast and some water.

  • Dogs – We take Charlie out for a pee and poo walk when we first get up and right before we leave out on our road trip.

  • Cats – We load our suitcases and personal items first to give the cats time to use the potty too.

  • Getting everyone in the car! We put the cat’s car carrier in the car with the door facing toward the car door – this helps on the road when removing the litter box for cleaning. We place the travel size litter box with absorbent pad in the carrier. We, then, bring them to the carrier in their portable carriers (car carrier is heavy with them in it). Then, we tell Charlie it is time for ‘Up and In’. He happily jumps into the car!

  • Finally, we Double Check that we have everything – go down the list(s). Our passports and supplies, suitcases, personal care items, and the pet list.

pet travel-mexico-Charlie and Luis Potosi
Patty and Charlie


During the trip – Yay on the Road Again!!!!

  • When we stop to gas up or use the restroom, we take Charlie out to pee/poo and check the litter pan for clean ups. We carefully open the carrier door to ensure that the cats do not get out. While opening the door we give the cats food and water to keep their attention on that. Then, we remove and replace the litter pan as they eat their food.

  • We realized that instead of litter which can get stinky with urine – one of worst odors ever in a small space like the car! – that we could try an absorbent pee pad that we can throw away and replace with a clean one. Dog training pads will work. We used what we already had and it worked wonders!! The pads have less odor than litter. We simply remove the pad, spray the pan with our cleaner, wipe it down, and replace with a new pad.

  • Weather permitting we leave the windows open to keep fresh air flow in the car!

Arriving at your destination – Whew Done with the Drive!!!!

  • When we arrive we take the cats out of the carrier in their portable carriers.

  • The dog helps us carry in our suitcases. No, not really but he does walk along with us. This gives him stretch and unwind time after a long drive.

  • We set up the cat’s litter box(es), give them food and water, and let them out to explore.

  • Then, we take the dog out for his evening walk.

  • Finally, we eat, drink, and rest. Then, we enjoy our stay! We hope that you do too!!